Sorting publications#

In PUMA, there are several pages where bookmarks and publications are displayed in two columns (e.g. on the homepage or on a user's page). On these pages, you are able to sort the bookmarks and publications.

Simple sorting#

For simple sorting, just click on the gear symbol in the respective column. The options are listed under "sort".

  • criterion: You can sort entries by date or by title (alphabetically).
  • order: Choose between ascending order (oldest date - recent date or A - Z, respectively) or descending order (recent date - oldest date or Z - A, respectively).

Advanced sorting#

Note: Advanced sorting is only available for publications. Advanced sorting is taking place by adding one or more parameters to the URL (see URL syntax). The following parameters are available:

  • sortPage - How is the list sorted?
    • values (can be linked with a | ):
      • author - the author's name
      • editor - the editor's name
      • year - year of publication
      • entrytype - type of publication
      • title - title
      • booktitle - the book's title (especially in collections)
      • journal - the journal's name
      • school - the university's name
  • sortPageOrder - order of sorting
    • values:
      • asc - ascending
      • desc - descending
  • duplicates
    • values:
      • yes - duplicates allowed
      • no - no duplicates in result list

Sort by year (sortPage=year) ascending (sortPageOrder=asc) and remove all duplicates (duplicates=no).