Sorting publications

In PUMA, there are several pages where bookmarks and publications are displayed in two columns (e.g. on the homepage or on a user's page). On these pages, you are able to sort the bookmarks and publications.

Simple sorting

For simple sorting, just click on the sorting symbol, an arrow next to four bars, in the respective column. Now the options for sorting are listed.


  • criterion: You can sort entries by date or by title (alphabetically).

  • order: Choose between ascending order (oldest date - recent date or A - Z, respectively) or descending order (recent date - oldest date or Z - A, respectively).

Advanced sorting

Note: Advanced sorting is only available for publications.

Advanced sorting is taking place by adding one or more parameters to the URL (see URL syntax). The following parameters are available:

  • sortPage - How is the list sorted?

    • values (can be linked with a | ):
      • author - the author's name
      • editor - the editor's name
      • year - year of publication
      • entrytype - type of publication
      • title - title
      • booktitle - the book's title (especially in collections)
      • journal - the journal's name
      • school - the university's name
  • sortPageOrder - order of sorting

    • values:
      • asc - ascending
      • desc - descending
  • duplicates

    • values:
      • yes - duplicates allowed
      • no - no duplicates in result list

Sort by year (sortPage=year) ascending (sortPageOrder=asc) and remove all duplicates (duplicates=no).

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