Adding publications

Every user can add publications to PUMA. Thus, our database continues to grow with its users. This instruction shows multiple ways to achieve this.

Automatic addition by the PUMA-Add-on

The PUMA-addon can help you with that. It automatically collects metadata from various systems. This manual explains how to install it.

Manual addition by entering information by hand

You can also add publications by entering information yourself. Click in the main menu on the buttons "add post" and "add publication". Here, you can also enter the ISBN-, DOI- or ISSN-number. Follow this instruction for more information.

Import of publications by BibTeX

It is possible to import a publication from other literature management software (e.g. Citavi). For that, you will first need to create a BibTeX-dataset and secondly import it to PUMA. Follow this instruction for more information.

Addition by scanning the ISBN code

If you have access to a webcam, this way might be suitable for you. It is possible to scan the ISBN code of your publication with it and thereby adding it to PUMA. For help with that, visit this instruction.

Adding numerous publications

Would you like to import multiple publications at once? Follow this instruction to learn, how to use a BibTeX- or EndNote-file to import a list of publications.

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