Manage literature, publications and bookmarks

PUMA offers you a variety of ways to manage your publications and bookmarks and also to perform literature search. On this page you will find everything you need to use PUMA as a standard literature database (e.g. Citavi, EndNote, etc.).

Bookmarks - The Basics

Introduction: Bookmarks make it possible to use the WorldWideWeb like a book. A bookmark allows you to remember the exact address of an online document. PUMA gives you the ability to store/manage bookmarks centrally. Follow this instruction to access further information.

Publications - The Basics

Introduction: In PUMA, 'publications' means all kinds of documents (articles, monographs, etc.). You can create and manage your own or third-party publications (for example as the basis for a scientific research). Here is more information regarding management of publications with PUMA.

Publications and Bookmarks

This section deals with functions in PUMA which you can apply to bookmarks as well as to publications.

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