What are concepts?

With concepts, you can organize your tags in groups. For example, you can choose the tag "Europe" as the supertag (the name of the concept), and then you can add the tags "Germany", "France" and "Italy" as subtags. This way, these tags are grouped together. That means, if you search with the concept "Europe", you get all bookmarks/publications that are tagged with one of the subtags (meaning "Germany", "France" or "Italy") as a result.
This is useful if you often search for bookmarks/publications belonging to a specific topic.

View concepts

To view your concepts, click on my PUMA in the left main menu, then on concepts. You now get an overview on all your concepts and their subtags.

To view concepts that are currently popular in PUMA, click on popular in the left main menu, then on concepts. You can now see the most popular concepts and their subtags.

Add/edit your concepts

To add a new concept or to edit an existing one, click on the person icon in the right main menu, then on edit tags.

With add subtags to concepts, you can add a new concept or add new tags to an existing concept. To add a new concept, type the desired tag that should be the concept's name into the field 'supertag' and the tag that should be added to the concept into the field 'subtag'. Repeat this step for all tags that should be added to a concept.

With delete subtags from concepts, you can delete subtags from existing concepts. To do so, type the concept's name into the field 'supertag' and the tag that should be deleted into the field 'subtag'.


Navigation via concepts

To search with concepts, just use the search bar in the right upper corner. Click on the blue arrow next to 'search' and in the dropdown menu, choose concepts. Type the concept you want to search for into the search field and click on the magnifying glass symbol or press the enter key.

The bookmarks/publications tagged with the concept's subtags will be displayed.
In the sidebar on the right, you can see all subtags that are mapped to the concept's supertag (name).

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