Estmation of the Pose-Dependent Stability Lobe Diagram for a new 5-axis Machining Concept

, , , und . Proceedings of the The International Conference Management of Technology – Step to Sustainable Production (MOTSP 2016), Porec, Croatia, (2016)


In this paper, the dynamic behavior of a lightweight 5-axis milling concept is analyzed using finite element simulation. It has a pose-dependent dynamic behavior with structural Eigen modes between 28 Hz and 50 Hz. Based on these results, the stability lobe diagrams (SLD) for the milling module at different axis-positions are derived. The milling module shows a changing process stability with a maximum critical cutting depth of 7.2 mm at “best case” position and 2.3 mm at “worst case” position. With a material removal simulation, the SLDs can be used to predict the process stability for unknown NC-programs.

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