Chemical and electrochemical reduction of pentacarbonyl(4-cyanopyridine) complexes of chromium(0), molybdenum(0) and tungsten(0)
Inorganic Chemistry 23 (4): 504--506 (1984)

The complexes LM(CO)5 (L = 4-cyanopyridine and M = Cr, Mo, W) were reduced by K in THF and at a glassy C electrode in DMF. The resulting radical anion complexes LM(CO)5-. were also obtained from replacement reactions of the metal hexacarbonyls with the ligand radical anion L-. or via electron transfer from decacarbonyldimetalates to the free ligand L. The radical complexes were characterized by high resoln. ESR. The unpaired electron resides predominately in the heterocyclic ligand; only minor perturbations of spin distribution occur via the metal fragments. The results are related to the MLCT features in the electronic spectra of these complexes. on SciFinder(R)
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