Research Data Curation in Visualization: Position Paper

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Proceedings of the Ninth Workshop on Evaluation and BEyond - methodoLogIcal approaches for Visualization (BELIV), page 56-65. IEEE, (2022)
DOI: 10.1109/BELIV57783.2022.00011


Research data curation is the act of carefully preparing research data and artifacts for sharing and long-term preservation. Research data management is centrally implemented and formally defined in a data management plan to enable data curation. In tandem, data curation and management facilitate research repeatability. In contrast to other research fields, data curation and management in visualization are not yet part of the researcher’s compendium. In this position paper, we discuss the unique challenges visualization faces and propose how data curation can be practically realized. We share eight lessons learned in managing data in two large research consortia, outline the larger curation workflow, and define the typical roles. We complement our lessons with minimum criteria for selecting a suitable data repository and five challenging scenarios that occur in practice. We conclude with a vision of how the visualization research community can pave the way for new curation standards.



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