Measurement of Capillary Pressure--Saturation Relationships Under Defined Compression Levels for Gas Diffusion Media of PEM Fuel Cells

, , und . Transport in Porous Media 91 (1): 281--294 (01.01.2012)


Measurements of capillary pressure--saturation relationships under defined levels of compression for gas diffusion layers (GDL) of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells as thin, mixed-wettable porous media have been carried out in a newly constructed device. This article lines out the construction principle of the cell and the preconditioning procedure of the sample to measure the capillary pressure--saturation relationships under well-defined conditions and loads of compression. Three commercial GDLs (Freudenberg H2315T10A, H2315T10AC1, and SGL Carbon BA24) have been examined and a compression-depending hysteresis of the capillary pressure--saturation relationship has been measured and identified.

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