Is Science Based Consumer Advice Prepared to Deal with Uncertainties in Second Modernity? Risk Communication in the Case of Food Supplements

, und . STI Science, Technology and Innovation 6 (2): 203-224 (2010)


The paper discusses the contribution and the functions of scientific experts in risk communication and consumer counselling under conditions of a ‘world risk soci- ety’. It investigates how scientific advice is formulated on the exemplary issue of food supplements which are becoming a part of everyday life, although risk experts assess them to be unnecessary and sometimes even risky. The paper especially reconsiders various modes of how the risk of food supplements is communicated in modernity. It argues that in Second Modernity (scientific) experts in consumer counselling have to develop new modes of reflexivity in order to open up multifac- eted dialogues between science, public and regulation in a wider context.

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