Buildings in the Algorithmic Regime: Infrastructuring Processes in Computational Design

, and . Algorithmic Regimes: Methods, Interactions, and Politics, chapter 7, Amsterdam University Press, (February 2024)
DOI: 10.5117/9789463728485


Algorithms and their socio-technical environments have entered many aspects of life, including the production of architecture and the built environment. One approach that corresponds to this algorithmic regime is computational design, an umbrella term for combining various digital and computational methods, software and technologies, typically based on data and algorithms. As relational and hybrid arrangements, the algorithmic infrastructures of computational design are subjected to a continuous process of infrastructuring, that is, care and cure coming from social, political, and technological actions. This chapter examines such infrastructuring processes in architecture and construction that have begun to set up a specific form of optimizing design and the built environment according to the calculative rationalities of the algorithmic regime.

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