Spectroelectrochemistry of aromatic ligands and their derivatives. III. Binuclear transition metal complexes of copper(I), molybdenum(0), and rhenium(I) with 2,2'-bipyrimidine

, , , , und . Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 411 (1-2): 207--213 (1991)


The binuclear complexes Mo(CO)42(bpym) (I), Re(CO)3Cl2(bpym) (II), and Cu(PPh3)22(bpym)2+ (III) (where bpym is bipyrimidine) were subjected to 1- and (for I, III) 2-electron redn., and the products were studied in situ by UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy. The spectra were assigned in terms of a simple HMO scheme, in which the redn. orbital is ligand p(7), related to p(7) of biphenyl, the transition p(6) $\rightarrow$ p(7) moves to lower energy on successive redn., and bands obsd. in the near IR-visible region are due to transitions from p(7) to higher unoccupied orbitals. Detailed assignments are directly related to those of other singly and doubly reduced azabiphenyls; the bpym dianion was characterized for the 1st time. on SciFinder(R)

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