The removal of cyclohexane from gaseous emissions was studied using a biotrickling filter packed with polyurethane foam. Acivodorax sp. CHX100 was chosen as inoculum due to its ability to use cyclohexane as carbon source. Performance was evaluated by means of different resident times from 18~s to 37~s and concentration levels of 60, 90, 120, 160, 320, 480 and 720~mg~C~m-3, respectively. Removal efficiencies of 80\%-99\% and elimination capacities in the range of 5.4~g~C~m-3~h-1-38~g~C~m-3~h-1 were achieved for concentrations among 60~mg~C~m-3-480~mg~C~m-3. The removal efficiency decreased to 40\% at concentrations of cyclohexane of 720~mg~C~m-3. The dynamics of the microbial population showed the strain CHX100 as predominant during the different operational process of biotrickling filter. The results of this study propose a novel approach for cleaning waste air containing cyclohexane by means of a biotrickling filter.

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