Formale Methoden für rekonfigurierbare cyber-physische Systeme in der Produktion

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at - Automatisierungstechnik, vol. 68, no. 1, 28.01.2020, pp. 3-14, (2020)


Due to the increasing agility in the development process, shorter life cycles, and changing customer and legislator requirements, production systems must be adaptable. In addition to the ability to react flexibly to changing production requirements, the behavior of the production system must be reassured after a change. Formal verification methods are suitable for safeguarding safety-critical functions. However, this requires a high modeling effort, which inhibits the use of formal verification methods in practice. For reliable verification results, the quality and correctness of the models is decisive. Therefore, it is reasonable to analyze the underlying models. This paper presents two promising and mutually complementing approaches for the lifecycle-spanning safeguarding of production systems to overcome the challenges for the verification that a reconfiguration of the production systems brings with it during operation.



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