Design of a Scalable Multicoil Wireless Power Transfer System for Low Voltage Applications

, , and . 2023 IEEE Wireless Power Technology Conference and Expo (WPTCE), page 1--6. (2023)
DOI: 10.1109/WPTCE56855.2023.10216130


The purpose of this work is to give a study on wireless power transmission for low voltage receivers while overcoming high voltage gaps between the primary and secondary side. The system design is aimed primarily at AGVs and low-voltage hybrid vehicles, as these often operate at low voltages due to safety requirements. To maximize transferable power, the suggested method employs multiple primary and secondary coils. The system is designed in a scalable way, to possibly increase the power if needed by simply adding more secondary receiver sides. The systems' design, simulation, and prototype were developed and tested. The study's findings indicate that the suggested scalable system is capable of wirelessly transmitting power with a higher voltage primary side and a low voltage receiver.

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