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Investigation of the Fabrication Suitability, Structural Performance, and Sustainability of Natural Fibers in Coreless Filament Winding

, , , and . Materials, 15 (9): 3260 (May 2022)

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Pascal Mindermann University of Stuttgart

Post-processed and normalized data sets for the data processing, analysis, and evaluation methods for co-design of coreless filament-wound structures, , , , , , , , , and 4 other author(s). Dataset, (2023)Related to: Gil Pérez, M., Mindermann, P., Zechmeister, C., Forster, D., Guo, Y., Hügle, S., Kannenberg, F., Balangé, L., Schwieger, V., Middendorf, P., Bischoff, M., Menges, A., Gresser, G., & Knippers, J. (2023). Data processing, analysis, and evaluation methods for co-design of coreless filament-wound building systems. Journal of Computational Design and Engineering under review.

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