Extending Dynamic Trajectories of Cable-Driven Parallel Robots as a Novel Robotic Roller Coaster

, , , , , , und . 41st International Symposium on Robotics; Proceedings of ISR/Robotik 2014, Seite 1-7. (2014)


This paper covers the extension and control of dynamic trajectories for cable-driven parallel robots and measurement of their accuracy. At first a theoretical background is given and themathematical constructs to ensure that all cables can are under tension for a suspended 3-cable cable-driven parallel robot. Then an insight into a user friendly control method is given in which several different types of trajectories, straight line, elliptical and more complex 3-D trajectories are realized. The use case of a novel robotic rollercoaster is further analyzed to identify necessary technological developments. One important factor that needs to be reviewed is the aspect of ensuring safety.

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