Stability Analysis and Output-Feedback Synthesis of Hybrid Systems Affected by Piecewise Constant Parameters via Dynamic Resetting Scalings

, und . Nonlinear Anal. Hybri. (2019)


We develop novel criteria for robust stability of a class of hybrid systems that are affected by piecewise constant uncertain parameters with dwell-time constraints. These criteria result from clock-dependent Lyapunov arguments that are based on several new robust stability conditions for continuous-time linear time-invariant systems which are affected by parametric passive uncertainties and do not admit any discrete dynamics. In contrast to other approaches, our stability analysis results rely on separation techniques from robust control involving dynamic resetting scalings. Moreover, these techniques are expected to pave the way for covering much more general uncertainties within the framework of integral quadratic constraints. Building upon the new insights on robust stability, we are able to propose an output-feedback gain-scheduling design methodology similarly to our recently obtained synthesis result involving dynamic resetting $D$-scalings. Most of the obtained conditions are expressed as infinite-dimensional (differential) linear matrix inequalities which can be numerically solved by using relaxation methods based on, e.g., linear splines or matrix sum-of-squares. We apply our results to obtain novel stability criteria and to design distributed controllers for networked systems over undirected switching topologies. Finally, the approach is illustrated with several numerical examples.

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