Code and benchmark for NPCS, a Native Provenance Computation for SPARQL

, , , , , and . Software, (2024)Related to: A. Zubaria, D. Hernández, L. Galárraga, G. Flouris, I. Fundulaki, and K. Hose. NPCS: Native Provenance Computation for SPARQL. Proceedings of the ACM Web Conference 2024 (WWW '24), May13-17, 2024, Singapore, Singapore, ACM, (May 2024). doi: 10.1145/3589334.3645557.
DOI: 10.18419/darus-3973


Code for the implementation and benchmark of NPCS, a Native Provenance Computation for SPARQL.The code in this dataset includes the implementation of the NPCS system, which is a middleware for SPARQL endpoints that rewrites queries to queries that annotate answers with provenance polynomials (i.e., how-provenance data). The translation rules implemented for the query rewriting can be seen in the paper.Also, the code contains scripts that include scripts and services to automatize the query execution.We use GraphDB (version 10.2.0) and Stardog (version 9.1.0) for the SPARQL endpoints. Because of the license restrictions, these software products cannot be included in this dataset and must be downloaded from the respective vendors. Also, the data must be loaded using the respective bulk loaders of GraphDB and Stardog.The datasets used in the experiments can be generated synthetic dataset generator of the WatDiv benchmark. The Wikidata dataset corresponds to the full RDF dump from May 22, 2023.Do not hesitate to contact the authors for any inquiries.

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