The Genesis of EngMeta - A Metadata Model for Research Data in Computational Engineering

, und . Metadata and Semantic Research, 846, Seite 127-132. Cham, Springer International Publishing, (2019)


In computational engineering, numerical simulations produce huge amounts of data. To keep this research data findable, accessible, inter-operable and reusable, a structured description of the data is indispensable. This paper outlines the genesis of EngMeta – a metadata model designed to describe engineering simulation data with a focus on thermodynamics and aerodynamics. The metadata model, developed in close collaboration with engineers, is based on existing standards and adds discipline-specific information as the main contribution. Characteristics of the observed system offer researchers important search criteria. Information on the hardware and software used and the processing steps involved helps to understand and replicate the data. Such metadata are crucial to keeping the data FAIR and bridging the gap to a sustainable research data management in computational engineering.

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