User Adaptive Interactive Courses in SCORM Compliant Learning Management Systems

, , und . Conference IMCL 2008 Amman, Amman/Jordan, (April 2008)


Traditional on-line courses are static: Unaware of the learner, they present the same content to every user that participates in the course, independent of the background and the experience of the learner. Furthermore, content is often static and leaves little freedom to the learner. One might argue that this is because currently applied standards like SCORM 1.2 do not allow much more than static content linked statically within the learning management system. However, while the upcoming SCORM 2004 addresses adaptivity at the level of the learning management system, we present a class of dynamic interactive content objects in this paper that provide adaptivity at the level of the learning objects themselves while also leaving lots of freedom to the learner. Since the data mining required for adaptivity happens outside of the learning management system, the presented learning objects already provide their full functionality within SCORM 1.2.

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