Source code for "Comparative Study on the Perception of Direction in Animated Map Transitions Using Different Map Projections"

, , and . Software, (2023)
DOI: 10.18419/darus-3540


This repository contains the source code related to an OSF pre-registration for an online study. The goal of the study was to evaluate how well participants can determine the geographical direction of an animated map transition. In our between-subject online study, each of three groups is shown map transitions in one map projection: Mercator, azimuthal equidistant projection, or two-point equidistant projection. The distances of the start and end point are varied. Map transitions zoom out and pan towards the middle point, then zoom in and continue panning, following the recommendations by Van Wijk and Nuij (IEEE InfoVis, 2003). We measure response time and accuracy in the task. We evaluate the results by the sample means per participant, using interval estimation with 95% confidence intervals. We construct the confidence intervals by using BCa bootstrapping. This repository contains the entire code for the study.The various folders also contain README Markdown files that explain the components and how they are to be used.The npm and Python version dependencies are listed below under Research Software Metadata, the versions of package dependencies are provided via the lockfiles (stimuliCreation/package.json, online-study/package.json, and online-study-flask-server-main/pyproject.toml).The folders are: assignment/: Python script to randomly distribute and assign the stimuli to participants. dataAnalysis/: R code to evaluate the collected data for the study. evaluation/: Python code to extract and pre-process the study results of individual participants. The result of the preprocessing step are collected CSV files, which are then evaluated by the R code in the dataAnalysis/ folder. online-study/: React JavaScript sources and assets for the web front-end of the study. online-study-flask-server-main/: Flask server hosting the study content and managing the distribution and saving of results. This folder also contains a compiled version of the React frontend from the online-study/ folder. stimuliCreation/: JavaScript and HTML code for the web page that generates and downloads the individual video stimulus frames and metadata.

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