Lewis basicity of a chlorine atom bound to an aliphatic carbon atom as sensed by a quadruple chromium-chromium bond. Structures of M2(2,6-xylyl)NC(CH3)O4.2CH2Cl2, M = chromium, molybdenum
, , und .
Journal of the American Chemical Society 102 (10): 3475--3479 (1980)

The length of the quadruple bond between two Cr atoms is an extremely sensitive function of the amt. of s electron d. donated to one or both of the C-atoms along the outer extensions of the Cr-Cr bond. In I (R = 2,6-xylyl, M = Cr, L = CH2Cl2) one Cr atom causes the Cr-Cr distance to become 0.076 (9) \AA longer than it is in the absence of this weak axial Cl···Cr interaction. The crystal structures of the isomorphous I (R = 2,6-xylyl, M = Cr, Mo, L = CH2Cl2) are reported. on SciFinder(R)
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