Rhenium(I) coordinated lumazine and pterin derivatives: Structure and spectroelectrochemistry of reversibly reducible (6-ATML)Re(CO)3Cl (6-ATML = 6-acetyl-1,3,7-trimethyllumazine)
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Inorganica Chimica Acta 325 (1,2): 65--72 (2001)

A no. of complexes between substituted lumazines (2,4-dioxo-(1H,3H)pteridines) or pterins (2-amino-4-oxo-(3H)pteridines) and Re(CO)3Cl were synthesized and characterized electrochem. and spectroscopically. The structure of the (6-ATML)Re(CO)3Cl deriv. (6-ATML = 6-acetyl-1,3,7-trimethyllumazine) was detd. as fac-(6-ATML)Re(CO)3Cl·3C6H6. The Re(I) center coordinates in a rather sym. fashion through the O4-N5 a-carbonylimino chelate site of 6-ATML; the potentially available acetyl function is not involved in the metal coordination. The acetyl acceptor substituent facilitates the reversible 1-electron redn. of this compd. to a persistent anion radical complex (6-ATML)Re(CO)3Cl-, which is accompanied by variable low-frequency shifts of the six carbonyl stretching bands and by the appearance of a broad EPR signal. on SciFinder(R)
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