High Performance Computing Welding Analysis with DynaWeld and Parallelized LS-DYNA Solvers

, , , , und . Simulationsforum 2016 Schweißen und Wärmebehandlung (2016)


As an integral part of the PRACE SHAPE project “HPC Welding” the parallel solvers of LS-DYNA were used by Ingenieurbüro Tobias Loose to perform a welding analysis on the Cray XC40 “Hazel Hen” at the High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS). A variety of test cases relevant for industrial applications have been set up with DynaWeld, a welding and heat treatment pre-processor for LS-DYNA, and run on different numbers of compute cores. The explicit mechanical solver was tested on up to 4080 cores with significant scaling. As far as we know, it was the first time that a welding simulation with the LS-DYNA explicit solver was executed on 4080 cores.

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