Model order reduction of coupled, parameterized elastic bodies for shape optimization

, , , , und . IUTAM Symposium on Model Order Reduction of Coupled Systems, May 22–25, 2018, Stuttgart, Seite 151--163. (2018)


In this contribution, coupled, parameterized second order systems are considered where the coupled, parameterized system is derived from the assembly of several parameterized component models. Two approaches for the Parametric Model Order Reduction of such coupled systems are presented and compared in a reduced order shape optimization example. In the first approach, the coupled, parameterized system is derived by coupling the parameterized, full order component models. Then, Parametric Model Order Reduction is executed for the coupled system. In the second approach, the parameterized, component models are first reduced independently of their actual mounting situation. Afterwards, the parameterized, reduced order component models are coupled to derive the parameterized, reduced order system model. It is shown that the first approach yields smaller parameterized, reduced order system models. However, the second approach allows to reuse and to recombine the parameterized, reduced order component models arbitrarily. It therefore introduces more flexibility in the modeling process, enabling for example a toolbox based optimization with parameterized, reduced order models.

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