Design Methods for Variable Density, Multi-Directional Composite Timber Slab Systems for Multi-Storey

, , , , , , , and . Proceedings of the 39th eCAADe Conference, 1, page 303--312. Novi Sad, Cumincad, (2021)


This paper presents an agent-based method for the design of complex timber structures. This method features a multi-level agent simulation, that relies on a feedback loop between agent systems and structural simulations that update the agent environment. Such an approach can usefully be applied for the design of variable density timber slab systems, where material arrangements based on structural, fabrication, and architectural boundary conditions are necessary. Such arrangements can lead to multi-directional spanning slabs that can accept pointwise supports in unique layouts. We discuss the implementation of such a method on the basis of the structural design of a pavilion-scale multi-storey testing setup. The presented method enables a more versatile approach to the design of multi-storey timber buildings, which should increase their applicability to a diverse range of building typologies.

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