Single spin optically detected magnetic resonance with 60–90 GHz (E-band) microwave resonators

, , , , , , , , , , und . Review of Scientific Instruments 86 (6): 064704 (Juni 2015)


Magnetic resonance with ensembles of electron spins is commonly performed around 10 GHz, but also at frequencies above 240 GHz and in corresponding magnetic fields of over 9 T. However, experiments with single electron and nuclear spins so far only reach into frequency ranges of several 10 GHz, where existing coplanar waveguide structures for microwave (MW) delivery are compatible with single spin readout techniques (e.g., electrical or optical readout). Here, we explore the frequency range up to 90 GHz, with magnetic fields of up to ≈3 T for single spin magnetic resonance in conjunction with optical spin readout. To this end, we develop MW resonators with optical single spin access. In our case, rectangular 60–90 GHz (E-band) waveguides guarantee low-loss supply of microwaves to the resonators. Three dimensional cavities, as well as coplanar waveguide resonators, enhance MW fields by spatial and spectral confinement with a MW efficiency of 1.36mT/W. We utilize single nitrogen vacancy (NV) centers as host...

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