Maria Yablonina, und Achim Menges. Distributed Fabrication: Cooperative Making with Larger Groups of Smaller Machines. Architectural Design, (89)2:62--69, 2019. [PUMA: (IAAC), (ICD), (UAV), 2019 9 Advanced Architecture Ars Austria, Autodesk Biologically Building Catalonia Collectives, Computational Construction Construction, Design Drawing Electronica, Engineering Fabrication Filament Forceaware Francisco, Harvard ICD/ITKE Inspired Institute Linz, Logotel, Maria Milan Milan, Minibuilders MoRFES\_01 MoRFES\_02, Mobile On-Site Pavilion, Pier Postcity, Research Robot Robotic San Spatial Structural Structures Structures, Stuttgart, System University University, Week, Wyss Yablonina, aerial and for hub, intcdc of peer project, technology unmanned vehicle] URL