Tobias Rau, Michael Krone, Guido Reina, und Thomas Ertl. Challenges and Opportunities using Software-defined Visualization in MegaMol. 7th Workshop on Visual Analytics, Information Visualization and Scientific Visualization, 2017. [PUMA: 2017 from:mueller myown sfb716-d3 sfb716-d4 sfb716-d4-ertl vis(us) vis-ertl vis-gis visus visus:ertl visus:kroneml visus:rauts visus:reina]

Michael Krone, Karsten Schatz, Nora Hieronymus, Christoph Müller, Michael Becher, Tina Barthelmes, April Cooper, Steffen Currle, Patrick Gralka, Marcel Hlawatsch, Lisa Pietrzyk, Tobias Rau, Guido Reina, Rene Trefft, und Thomas Ertl. From Visualization Research to Public Presentation - Design and Realization of a Scientific Exhibition. Proceedings of SIGRAD 2017, 2017. [PUMA: 2017 from:mueller myown sfb716-c6 sfb716-d3 sfb716-d4 sfb716-d4-ertl sfb716-ö simtech vis(us) vis-ertl vis-gis visus visus:ertl visus:gralkapk visus:hieronna visus:hlawatml visus:kroneml visus:mueller visus:rauts visus:reina visus:schatzkn]