By selecting one of the formats you can export the publications of the page /tag/regionalkatalog%20recherche%20t%C3%BCbingen%20literatur?.entriesPerPage=100&resourcetype=bookmark&sortPage=folkrank&resourcetype=publication&lang=ru&bookmark.entriesPerPage=50&resourcetype=publication&resourcetype=publication&resourcetype=publication&resourcetype=bookmark&bibtex.entriesPerPage=50&resourcetype=publication&resourcetype=bookmark&resourcetype=bookmark in that format.

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BibTeX is a popular bibliography management tool for LaTeX. Save this output and include it in your LaTeX file with the command bibliography{FILENAME} by substituting FILENAME with the name you gave the file while saving it and omitting the .bib ending.
The Citation Style Language (CSL) is an open XML-based language to format bibliographies and citations. This JSON export is compatible with most of the CiteProc implementations.
.txtEndNote *
This is an output in EndNote format which is used by EndNote, another bibliography management tool.