Fabrication of Biomimetic and Biologically Inspired (Modular) Structures for Use in the Construction Industry
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8, Seite 319-339. Springer, Cham, (2016)

The transformation of biological paradigms into building construction involves the transfer of structure and system-defining properties from biological role models to construction-specific and innovative non-construction-specific systems and processes. The challenge of manufacturing biomimetic and bio-inspired structures includes the provision of methods and procedures that allow the mapping of biological features on a production-related description. The methodological approach requires the validation and verification of existing production methods at the small scale (model, elementary cell) in order to transfer findings to the production of components at the construction scale. Additionally, the biological features that cannot be reproduced by existing methods require further adjustment or the development of new methods for appropriate transfer. A basic condition for the further development of such production procedures is the possibility of manufacturing complex structures based on biological strategies concerning resource and energy consumption, waste production and greenhouse gas emissions.
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