Vibrational radiative lifetimes in H₂Se and HCS-
, , , und .
Chem. Phys. Lett. 140 (4): 375–380 (1987)

Vibrational dipole matrix elements and radiative transition probabilities for H₂Se and HCS-have been evaluated from theoretical three-dimensional electric dipole moment and potential energy functions. The radiative lifetimes of the (v=1,J=0) levels of HCS-have been calculated to be 3.5 ms (CH stretch), 172 ms (HCS bend) and 785 ms (CS stretch), and in H₂Se to be 122 ms (symmetric stretch), 1045 ms (bend) and 101 ms (asymmetric stretch). The lifetimes of higher vibrational states with no extensive mode-mixing decrease with increasing vibrational quantum number and vary in a mode-specific way. ©1987.
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