Ge-on-Si PIN-photodetectors with Al nanoantennas: The effect of nanoantenna size on light scattering into waveguide modes
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Applied Physics Letters (2016)

Metallic nanoantennas can be used to enhance the efficiency of optical device operation by re-distributing electromagnetic energy. Here, we investigate the effect of a random distribution of disc-shaped Al nanoantennas of different diameters deposited on Ge-on-Si PIN-photodetectors on the wavelength-dependent responsivity. We compare our experimental results to simulations and find that the largest responsivity enhancement is obtained for wavelengths that correspond to energies at or below the bandgap energy of Ge. We argue that this is the result of antenna-mediated scattering of light into waveguide modes within the Ge-on-Si PIN-photodetectors, which is effectively influenced by nanoantenna size, and we discuss a possible application of the concept for integrated biosensing.
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