The AVARE PATRON - A Holistic Privacy Approach for the Internet of Things
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Proceedings of the 15th International Joint Conference on e-Business and Telecommunications, 1: SECRYPT, Scitepress, (2018)

Applications for the Internet of Things are becoming increasingly popular. Due to the large amount of available context data, such applications can be used effectively in many domains. By interlinking these data and analyzing them, it is possible to gather a lot of knowledge about a user. Therefore, these applications pose a threat to privacy. In this paper, we illustrate this threat by looking at a real-world application scenario. Current state of the art focuses on privacy mechanisms either for Smart Things or for big data processing systems. However, our studies show that for a comprehensive privacy protection a holistic view on these applications is required. Therefore, we describe how to combine two promising privacy approaches from both categories, namely AVARE and PATRON. Evaluation results confirm the thereby achieved synergy effects.
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