Volatile Media as Lubricant Substitutes in Deep Drawing and Tracking of Individual Workpieces in Hot Forging Plants
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International Conference on Production Research – 5th International Conference on Quality and Innovation in Engineering and Management (ICPR QIEM 2018), 25-27 July 2018, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, (2018)

Reduction in use of conventional oil-lubricates in drawing processes has been important working aims of many investigations in sheet metal forming from past until today. A completely new approach is developed at the University of Stuttgart, using volatile media like N2 or CO2 as lubrication for sheet metal deep drawing processes. Doing so, remarkable results were obtained regarding friction behaviour of this new tribological system. Sustainability, environmental protection and economic efficiency are the most outstanding advantages of this new process compared to conventional oil based lubrication. The paper includes perspective results from fundamental investigations friction investigations to testing and validating the applicability of the new process in a deep drawing tool. Tracking of workpieces provides two advantages in forging technology. First, the matching of workpiece with the monitored process information makes the root-cause analysis for product quality possible. Second, the process steps can be adapted based on the incoming workpiece properties to improve the robustness of hot forging process chain. For that purpose, a general tracking methodology was developed and labelling experiments on steel and aluminium parts appropriate for harsh drop-forging environments has been conducted. Furthermore, a multidimensional approach to model and to analyse the workpiece information for individual and batch-tracking as well as a framework for streaming and processing of large amounts of real-time data are presented in this contribution.
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