Simulations in Undergraduate Electrodynamics: Virtual Laboratory Experiments on the Wave Equation and their Deployment
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Education Engineering (EDUCON), 2010 IEEE, стр. 1091-1097. Madrid, Spain, IEEE, (апреля 2010)

Experiments play a vital role in undergraduate engineering education: They allow students to learn the foundations of engineering in practical hands-on courses. However, lack of funding and increasing costs for equipment makes it harder and harder to supply a complete pool of experiments for large student classes. The EU funded ``Library of Labs'' project aims to counterbalance this development by creating a EU wide network of remotely controlled experiments and virtual laboratories. Remote experiments are here real experiments remotely controlled over a network, virtual laboratories simulation environments using the component metaphor of a real laboratories. In this paper, we introduce such a virtual laboratory developed at the University of Stuttgart; the aim here is to help students, here participating in the undergraduate physics course for engineers, understanding abstract phenomena by visualizing the underlying mathematics. We demonstrate this in a particular use-case, the wave equation and phenomena related to it, as they are discussed in undergraduate physics, and show how to implement this as a simulation in the virtual laboratory. In cooperation with the physics department a deployment plan for this experiment and related experiments has been created for the lecture ``Physics for Engineering'' which shall also be presented and discussed.
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