Material Monitoring of a Composite Dome Pavilion Made by Robotic Coreless Filament Winding

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Materials (September 2021)


A hemispherical research demonstration pavilion was presented to the public from April to October 2019. It was the first large-scale lightweight dome with a supporting roof structure primarily made of carbon- and glass-fiber-reinforced composites, fabricated by robotic coreless filament winding. We conducted monitoring to ascertain the sturdiness of the fiber composite material of the supporting structure over the course of 130 days. This paper presents the methods and results of on-site monitoring as well as laboratory inspections. The thermal behavior of the pavilion was characterized, the color change of the matrix was quantified, and the inner composition of the coreless wound structures was investigated. This validated the structural design and revealed that the surface temperatures of the carbon fibers do not exceed the guideline values of flat, black façades and that UV absorbers need to be improved for such applications.



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