Interoperability in JPIP and its Standardization in JPEG 2000 Part 9

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SPIE Applications of Digital Image Processing XXXII, 7443, SPIE, (September 2009)
DOI: 10.1117/12.829249


The ISO standard JPEG 2000 Part 9 (15444-9) specifies a versatile and flexible image browsing and delivering protocol that allows the interactive selection of regions of large images and their transmission over a narrow bandwidth connection. However, due to the enormous flexibility, achieving interoperability between software from differing vendors is not an easy task. To address this challenge, the JPEG committee started an initiative in the form of an amendment to 15444-9 to establish common grounds on which interoperability can be defined. The outcome of this work are recommendations which subsets of JPIP vendors should focus on, hopefully easing the adoption of JPIP by identifying the options the committee found in widespread use. In this paper, the design and evolution of JPIP interoperability will be discussed, the grounds on which interoperability can be achieved- variants and profiles- will be introduced, and their design will be motivated. The paper closes with an outlook how to extend this amendment for future applications.



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