Scatter-plate microscope for lensless microscopy with diffraction limited resolution
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Scientific Reports 7 (1): 10687-- (September 2017)

Scattering media have always been looked upon as an obstacle in imaging. Various methods, ranging from holography to phase compensation as well as to correlation techniques, have been proposed to cope with this obstacle. We, on the other hand, have a different understanding about the role of the diffusing media. In this paper we propose and demonstrate a ‘scatter-plate microscope’ that utilizes the diffusing property of the random medium for imaging micro structures with diffraction-limited resolution. The ubiquitous property of the speckle patterns permits to exploit the scattering medium as an ultra-thin lensless microscope objective with a variable focal length and a large working distance. The method provides a light, flexible and cost effective imaging device as an alternative to conventional microscope objectives. In principle, the technique is also applicable to lensless imaging in UV and X-ray microscopy. Experiments were performed with visible light to demonstrate the microscopic imaging of USAF resolution test target and a biological sample with varying numerical aperture (NA) and magnifications.
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