Further Development of the Stuttgart Enterprise Model in Terms of the Applicability to Global Manufacturing Networks
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Procedia CIRP (2014)2nd CIRP Robust Manufacturing Conference (RoMac 2014).

The Stuttgart Enterprise Model (SEM) represents a holistic production system aiming at adaptable enterprise structures. For some time an increasing number of manufacturing companies operate within global manufacturing networks. Therefore the question arises to which extent the SEM, i.e. its set of sub-models, procedures and methods, contains the characteristics of global manufacturing networks and whether it is applicable to the global manufacturing network level. This contribution presents different key characteristics of global manufacturing networks as shown in the analytical framework. By using this framework, the SEM and its components are analyzed in terms of applicability to manufacturing networks. Since the analysis reveals several partially or even not considered characteristics of global manufacturing networks, indications are given, how the SEM should be adjusted and improved in order to increase its applicability to the global manufacturing network level. The goal of this contribution is to serve as a basis for further development of the SEM towards a holistic production system that can give recommendations for action to create adaptable global manufacturing networks.
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