Design of a 300 Amps Pulsed Current Source with Slopes up to 27 Amps per Nanosecond for Current Probe Analysis

, , , , und . PCIM Europe 2017; International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management, Seite 1-6. (Mai 2017)


This paper presents the design of a pulsed current source. The topology consists of fast switching silicon carbide semiconductor devices and a low commutation inductance in order to create current impulses with very fast rising and falling slopes up to 27 amps per nanosecond. The current impulses with amplitudes up to 300 amps are typical current forms in power electronics circuits in the commutation path. Therefore, this current form is suitable to analyze current probes designed for measuring fast current slopes during a switching operation in a power electronic circuit.

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