Interactive visualization of biomolecules' dynamic and complex properties

, , , und . The European Physical Journal (Special Topics) 227: Particle Methods in Natural Science and Engineering (14): 1725--1739 (2019)


In this paper, we review the advances in molecular visualization over the last 12 years and put the development of the community in context with our own efforts in the DFG Collaborative Research Center (CRC) 716. This includes advances in the field of molecular surface computation and rendering, interactive extraction of protein cavities, and comparative visualization for biomolecules. Our main focus was on the development of methods that assist the interactive and explorative visual analysis of large, dynamic molecular data sets on single desktop computers. To meet this goal, we often developed GPU-accelerated algorithms, which is in line with the general research direction of the field. Over the last years, we made seminal contributions to the field of molecular visualization, which partially still constitute the state of the art development or provided the basis for follow-up works

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