Motion superimposition for machine tool trajectories using asynchronous axis interpolation

, , und . 13th IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems IMS 2019, Volume Volume 52 von IFAC-PapersOnLine, Seite 300-305. IFAC, ELSEVIER - ScienceDirect, (2019)


This paper presents a method for reducing non-productive times in the planning and interpolation of lift movements during 2.5D machining. At the moment, this mostly vertical lift movement is executed separately from the position changing in the operating plane. This sequential processing of motions increases the non-productive time in processes with frequent changes of operating height, such as laser cutting. The reduction is realized by superimposing the planar path movements with lift motion. An asynchronous axis interpolation is applied to make use of the maximum machine dynamics. In addition, known obstacles can be taken into account by further parameters in the planning.

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