\CAVE\ 3D: Software Extensions for Scientific Visualization of Large-scale Models

, , , , , , , und . Procedia Computer Science (2015)4th International Young Scientist Conference on Computational Science.


Abstract Numerical analysis of large-scale and multidisciplinary problems on high-performance computer systems is one of the main computational challenges of the 21st century. The amount of data processed in complex systems analyses approaches peta- and exascale. The technical possibility for real-time visualization, post-processing and analysis of large-scale models is extremely important for carrying out comprehensive numerical studies. Powerful visualization is going to play an important role in the future of large-scale models. In this paper, we describe several software extensions aimed to improve visualization performance for large-scale models and developed by our team for 3D virtual environment systems such as \CAVEs\ and Powerwalls. These extensions include an algorithm for real-time generation of isosurfaces on large meshes and a visualization system designed for massively parallel computing environment. Besides, we describe an augmented reality system developed by the part of our team in Stuttgart.

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