Interaction of two equivalent electron transfer/atom transfer centers via 2,2'-bipyrimidine as bridging ligand

, , und . Inorganic Chemistry Communications 1 (8): 305--308 (1998)


The redox pair (p-cym)OsCl+/(p-cym)Os, p-cym = h6-p-cymene (1,4-C6H4MeiPr), involving a two electron process coupled with chloride dissocn., was studied in the mono- and dinuclear complex with the 2,2'-bipyrimidine (bpym) ligand. Whereas the mononuclear system exhibits the known ECE (electron transfer/chloride transfer/electron transfer) pattern on redn., the structurally characterized trans-(μ-bpym)(p-cym)OsCl2(PF6)2 shows several special features, including the decoupling of the 1st ECE process into an E and EC step (electron reservoir function of bpym) and a splitting of 420 mV for the redn. steps assocd. with the chloride transfer (electronic communication between EC reaction centers). on SciFinder(R)

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