Ligand-mediated coupling of organometallic reaction centers

, , und . Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English 36 (22): 2493--2495 (1997)


In a systematic attempt to extend the coupling of electron transfer sites to the coupling of redox reaction centers through conjugated bridging ligands, (C5Me5)ClRh(m-L)RhCl(C5Me5)(PF6)2 (I) was prepd. from reaction of diiminopyrazine II or bis(pyridinyl)tetrazine III (m-L) and (C5Me5)RhCl22/AgPF6/acetone. I (as mixts. of cis and trans isomers) were studied by EPR and UV/Vis spectroscopy techniques and cyclic voltammetry to reveal extended and fully reversible electrochem.; the electrochem. potentials of I were reported. A communication between organometallic reaction sites in the dinuclear rhodium complexes bridged by ligands II and III is discussed. on SciFinder(R)

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