Molecular Surface Maps

, , , , , , , und . IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VISUALIZATION AND COMPUTER GRAPHICS 23 (1): 701-710 (Januar 2017)IEEE VIS Conference, Baltimore, MD, OCT 23-28, 2016.


We present Molecular Surface Maps, a novel, view-independent, and concise representation for molecular surfaces. It transfers the well-known world map metaphor to molecular visualization. Our application maps the complex molecular surface to a simple 2D representation through a spherical intermediate, the Molecular Surface Globe. The Molecular Surface Map concisely shows arbitrary attributes of the original molecular surface, such as biochemical properties or geometrical features. This results in an intuitive overview, which allows researchers to assess all molecular surface attributes at a glance. Our representation can be used as a visual summarization of a molecule's interface with its environment. In particular, Molecular Surface Maps simplify the analysis and comparison of different data sets or points in time. Furthermore, the map representation can be used in a Space-time Cube to analyze time-dependent data from molecular simulations without the need for animation. We show the feasibility of Molecular Surface Maps for different typical analysis tasks of biomolecular data.

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