Probing different regimes of strong field light–matter interaction with semiconductor quantum dots and few cavity photons

, , , , , , , , und . New Journal of Physics 18 (12): 123031 (2016)


In this work we present an extensive experimental and theoretical investigation of different regimes of strong field light–matter interaction for cavity-driven quantum dot (QD) cavity systems. The electric field enhancement inside a high-Q micropillar cavity facilitates exceptionally strong interaction with few cavity photons, enabling the simultaneous investigation for a wide range of QD-laser detuning. In case of a resonant drive, the formation of dressed states and a Mollow triplet sideband splitting of up to 45 μ eV is measured for a mean cavity photon number ##IMG## http://ej.iop.org/images/1367-2630/18/12/123031/njpaa5198ieqn2.gif $n_c1$ . In the asymptotic limit of the linear AC Stark effect we systematically investigate the power and detuning dependence of more than 400 QDs. Some QD-cavity systems exhibit an unexpected anomalous Stark shift, which can be explained by an extended dressed 4-level QD model. We provide a detailed analysis of the QD-cavity systems properties enabling this novel effect. The experimental results are successfully reproduced using a polaron master equation approach for the QD-cavity system, which includes the driving laser field, exciton-cavity and exciton-phonon interactions.

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