Modeling linear guide systems with CoFEM - experimental validation: Modeling linear guide systems with CoFEM - experimental validation

. (2012)


In this work a new efficient FE model for rolling contact (RiBEM) is shortlypresented. The RiBEM model is used to efficiently compute the eigenmodes of alinear guide system. Experimental modal analysis of the real linear guideshows with 5% error a very good correlation with the numerical results.Although the new contact model reduces computational time by more than tentimes compared with the standard FE model, it is still too expensive for usewithin whole machine tool models. For this reason an equivalent, meshindependent and geometrically scalable model (RoCS - Rolling Contact Spring)based on the Hertz theory is introduced and also validated with the help ofmodal measurements. As a justification for the presented work, results withstiffness data from the manufacturer are also presented and less correlationwith the experiment is found in this case.

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