Structural and vibrational properties of SnxGe1-x: Modeling and experiments

, , , , und . Journal of Applied Physics 124 (3): 035105-- (Juli 2018)


The effects of the composition and macroscopic strain on the structural properties and lattice vibrations of SnxGe1-x solid solutions (SSs) are investigated numerically, employing Tersoff empirical inter-atomic potentials, and experimentally. The calculations provide statistical distributions of bond lengths, pair correlation function, and vibrational Raman spectra of the SSs. Using this approach, we are able to evaluate the tin-content-dependent shifts due to the local environment (i.e., changes in the atomic mass and bond stiffness) and strain effects in the calculated Raman spectra and compare them to experimental data. The relative importance of the composition dependent effects of the local environment and strain for epitaxial layers of GeSn solid solutions is analysed.

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